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With All The Comforts Of Home

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A Throne Much Like Your Own

Grand Luxury Suite

King of Thrones Trailer Shots-2.jpg

Prices starting at:  $1,500

5 Stalls | ADA Accessible |Modern Conveniences

The Grand Luxury Suite has everything your own personal bathroom at home would have and more. All of our rentals are equipped with power, a/c and heating, flushing toilets, and all of the expected toiletries and hygiene products. A superior finish inside and out sets the Grand Luxury Suite apart from other high end portable restrooms. Craftsmanship, style, and luxury are exemplified in the interior and exterior finishings, as well as the decor inside. For events catering to more than 150 people, we also offer onsite staff to make sure the restroom remains maintained and cleaned, as well as to offer any assistance if needed. Whether you need a unit that stands out or blends in, the Grand Luxury Suite sets itself apart from the rest.

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